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I know it's sometimes pretty difficult to find me so here it is. The official "Where is Shawn" website.

For those not yet familiar with Shawn, it is the person who is writing this text. But as commonly known by his friends and family, he has trouble keeping still. Why? Because I love to travel and have adventures all over the world. Many ask how can he afford such a lifestyle. It's not about money, it's all about a sense of adventure.

Unfortunately because of this wild nature of mine, I am really bad in contacting people.. however I have made many dear friends over time during my travels. This doesn't mean that they are not dear to me.. it's just I am too occupied in my head. So from now on, when I get to know people I will just give them the address to my website. whereisshawn.page.tl!

Please hang on,
Shawn Miller

//*Highly recommended*//

If you want to see a show of a lifetime and you are planning a visit to Beijing. I highly recommend the famous Beijing Acrobatic Show which is hosted at a classic acrobatic theatre known as Chaoyang Theatre. This performance is a stunning example of the true capabilities of Chinese performing arts. My personal opinion is that this is a one of a kind in the Chinese world of acrobatic shows. The capital of Beijing has been it's proud host for many many years.

Hi mum. I'm in Hong Kong! Well, it's not a suprice really.. it's a fixed state for me as I come here every once in a while to take care of some.. ehm. papers. Also it's a great chance to do some shopping, tax free. Clothes, electronics.. just about anything that's imported in the world comes through the ports of Hong Kong. So it's nice to have some fun here, and don't worry mum.. it's really safe too. Kind of like the UK? Or is that safe.. erm. I dunnow. Well anyway. See you later!

Warming up with Peking Opera in Beijing

It's time for the where is shawn addition! When Shawn tells everyone where he is. Exiting isn't it. Well, this time I am in a place, where I have been many times before.. I could say that I have gotten quite stuck here. The only hope of me getting out of Beijing is the weather.. which will soon enough get very cold and freeze our buts to death! But the people are very warm and nice here.. (I have so many friends and loved ones that I have met and made during these trips in China), that it does take quite a lot of cold to actual get cold. Well, it just means time to refresh a litttle.. perhaps go on a little trip with other Beijingers.
But of all the ways that there are to warm up in Beijing (and I would like to remind you that it really isn't that cold just yet.. but I am already feeling like the autumn is getting very near) there are some favorites that just never fail. For example, booking peking opera tickets is a very interesting one. At this famous Liyuan Theater in Beijing they change the show every once in a while, thus you can always see new stuff. But what's best of all, is that it gets your blood flowing through laughs and intense acting. It would be nothing without all the drumming and traditional Chinese musical instruments, which creates an atmosphere that warms up the theater to boiling hot at times. Other than that, just getting comfortable on a red theater seat is always a favorite, especially with a hot cup of tea and some good company which the city is full of.
Chinese language skills are not an absolute must, but they do help. There are funky English subtitles which don't tell you much.. better follow the actors and their even funkier characters. These guys have trained, and you can really see that from far. Better be good and respect the old gods as well. Catch you later guys! -Shawn